13 Best Harvard Free Online Courses Certification Most Popular13 Best Harvard Free Online Courses Certification Most Popular
13 Best Harvard Free Online Courses Certification Most Popular
13 Best Harvard Free Online Courses Certification Most Popular

Learning at Harvard University will be a dream for some people. Unfortunately, not everyone can get it, let alone afford it. Thankfully the Unversity’s online learning portal offers free online courses for those interested in Harvard courses.

Most Recommended Free Harvard’s Online Course With Certificated

Taking a course from a prestigious university can be very beneficial either for working or studying. Harvard provides a wide range of courses that anyone can learn from of charge. Some courses available are free to audit, which you can take and pay for additional content and a verified certificate from Harvard.

All you need is a reliable internet connection and time to finish the lesson from start to finish. Here are some of the most popular free Harvard courses currently available. It varies from Shakespeare to a class on urban life. Here are the 13 best Harvard’s free online courses for you to take.

1. Justice

Harvard’s law degree is one the most reputable. There is a free online course for it. One of the most popular free classes is high in demand which consists of a 12-week-long course that explores various theories from classical to contemporary justice. Moreover, it also discusses contemporary dilemmas and controversies and their relation to present-day practices.

2. Case Studies in Functional Genomics

This five-week course is amongst the most popular of Harvard’s free online courses. It will teach you to read maps, conduct a quality assessment of Next Generation Data, and analyze data. The course will help you perform standard processes from data and perform relevant biological questions.

3. Masterpieces of World Literature

This 12-week long course will reflect the work of Voltaire, Goethe, Rushdie, and many more. You will go into their world and embark on a journey of world literature from the past, present, and future. Some say the class is demanding for a monument, but if you are up for it.

4. Introduction to Probability

Almost all research come from learning issue and their probability. This 10-week free course will enlighten students on various instructions to understand what are the most effective method to make great expectations. The course will teach about likelihood used in information science and strategies. This is the basis for many scientific studies.

5. Women Making History: 10 Objects, Many Stories

This is a rather short class yet proven to have some devoted participants. The six-week free course studies how women were actively involved in changing the 20th century by relating to the “10 iconic objects” from the Harvard Schlesinger Library collection.

6. Computer Science for Business Professionals

This is another short yet the best Harvard University online course designed for business professionals especially those in the higher position of decision–making. The 5-week class will learn about the Internet, Technology stacks, Web development, Cloud computing, Computational thinking, and Programming languages.

7. Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather

Your forecasting weather ability will be enhanced by taking this course. Harvard’s backyard meteorology course is one of the best and the impacts are amazing. The study includes info on how to avoid lightning strikes, cloud identification, and estimation of wind speed.

8. Data Science: Visualization

The best Harvard with free certificate course is for data science fans. The short course will enlighten the concept of data science and principles of data visualization from the basics. You will also learn on communicating with data-driven findings.

9. Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (physics)

Can you imagine learning something tasty at Harvard? well, now you can. You can learn and practice all your material with the 16 weeks of commitment. The physics-based study is a branch of Chemistry that is quite fascinating. You will do experiments, learn how food texture change and understands the phase changes in cooking.

10. cities: The Past, Present, and Future of Urban Life

Social studies particularly focusing on urban life is what this 11-week free course is all about. The course is both scientific and adaptive at the same time. The student will learn to deepen on a better understanding, appreciation, and improvement in urban areas. Large cities around such as New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, and Mumbai are just some of its best examples.

11. The Einstein Revolution

Taking a Harvard course on Albert Einstein is a life-turning experience. You feel smarter and understand the mind behind the genius figure better. The 17 lessons free course required three hours lesson a week with full-packed info. The scope includes history,  relativity, quantum mechanics, arts, philosophy, and technology.

12. Citizen Politics in America: Public Opinion, Elections, Interest Groups, and the Media

Some courses are about a political events such as elections. This free course is held by the Harvard Kennedy School. , You will learn the power of public opinion in four weeks. Students will take part in a two-party system, do campaigns, focus on interest groups, and media, and how to use everything to their political advantage.

13. Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking

Public speaking comes naturally to some and others need to learn it. Taking examples of great rhetoric such as Ronald Regan, Martin Luther King Jr, and Margaret Chase Smith, participants will learn to win an argument. The eight-week free course teaches participants to form a successfully communicate according to your messages.

You’ll study a short course or a full–packed lesson with the support of Harvard’s foundation. These free online courses are popular and had many participants both from Harvard’s society and beyond. Take advantage of the well-written course and add your skill and knowledge that can benefit you both intellectually and socially.

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