Best universities in the world 2024/2025

best universities in the world

The recently published 2024 QS World University Rankings presents an astounding 1,300 universities, which is a 10 percent increase from the previous year, making it the largest ranking by QS so far.

For the 10th consecutive year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been named the best university in the world, achieving perfect scores in both the research and employability indicators.

L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT, expressed gratitude for the recognition of their institution and acknowledged the efforts of the faculty, staff, alumni, and students who have contributed to making MIT what it is today. He also recognized the remarkable accomplishments of academic institutions worldwide and highlighted the significance of a robust higher education network that delivers countless benefits for humanity, such as innovative solutions, crucial discoveries, and education for future generations.

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“We take pride in being part of this outstanding human community of scholars, researchers, and educators, working together to create a better world,” he added.

Take a look at the top 10 universities worldwide, as per the QS World University Rankings 2024, and continue reading to learn more about the leading universities in various locations across the globe.

Top 10 Universities in the World  

According to the QS World University Rankings 2024

World Ranking 



1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)United States
2University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
3Stanford UniversityUS
4University of CambridgeUK
5Harvard UniversityUS
6California Institute of Technology (Caltech)US
7Imperial College LondonUK
8ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologySwitzerland
9UCL (University College London)UK
10University of ChicagoUS

Top Universities in the US and Canada

Top Universities in the US and Canada
Universities in the US and Canada

204 of the schools featured in this year’s QS World University Rankings are in the US and Canada.

The US claims 177 of these universities, including 19 new entries this year – the most of any country featured in the index. As mentioned above, MIT takes the top spot in the US  for the 10th year running – an incredible achievement.

MIT Provost Marty Shmidt said: “MIT is a truly interdisciplinary, collaborative, thought-provoking place that encourages experimentation and pushes you to expand your mind. I think it’s a wonderful place to call home.”

Meanwhile, Canada boasts 28 ranked universities, including Canada’s top school, the University of Toronto, ranking in 26th place.

Ksenia Meteleva recently graduated from the University of Toronto and will be starting her postgraduate studies in the Autumn term.

She said: “U of T supported me in many ways through a variety of experiential learning opportunities, insightful courses, inspiring activities of student-run organizations, diverse communities and a dynamic residential life experience; all of which ultimately helped me to master the skills and competences I possess today.

“I really enjoyed my experience at UofT as an undergraduate student and I am happy to be transitioning to graduate school here.”

Top Universities in Europe

Top Universities in Europe
Universities in Europe

Europe claims a total of 492 schools in this year’s QS World University Rankings.

The majority of these are found in Western Europe, which counts 251 universities including the highest ranked European school, the UK’s University of Oxford, ranking second globally.

Eastern Europe has 134 schools in the index. Most of these are in Russia, including the highest ranked school in Eastern Europe, Lomonosov Moscow State University ranking 78th. Southern Europe claims 81 institutions, led by Italy’s Politecnico di Milanoin 142nd place.

Scandinavia is home to 26 ranked universities this year, led by Denmark’s University of Copenhagen in joint 79th.

Master’s in Legal Theory student, Jim Onyemenam, attends the global top 10 UK school, UCL. He said: “UCL is a very international university and I met people from all over the world which really broadened my perspective on life. I also developed my hobbies and passions a lot more through the student societies which made my experience well-rounded.”

Top Universities in the Middle East

Top Universities in the Middle East
Universities in the Middle East

A total of 69 ranked universities are found in the Middle East. These are led by King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Saudi Arabia. KAU ranks 109th in the world in 2023 after an impressive 34 position jump this year. Saudi Arabia claims a total of 14 universities this year.

Egypt has the second highest number of entries, with 13 schools featured. The United Arab Emirates also performs well, with 10 universities featuring, including two new entries. Lebanon has eight.

Top Universities in Asia

Top Universities in Asia
Universities in Asia

305 Asian schools are found in the QS World University Rankings this year.

The highest ranked university is found in Singapore in Southeast Asia: the National University of Singapore (NUS), placing in 11th place worldwide and earning its highest score in the academic reputation indicator.

Southeast Asia claims a total of 60 universities this year. Malaysia has the most ranked schools in Southeast Asia with 22; followed by Indonesia with 16.

Most of Asia’s universities are in East Asia, where 179 universities can be found. Mainland China’s Tsinghua University performs the best, ranking in 17th.

South Asia claims 52 schools and is dominated by Indian institutions. Of these, India’s Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) earns the highest score, in joint 177th globally.

Lastly, Central Asia has 14 entries. Its highest ranked university is Kazakhstan’s Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 175th.

Top Universities in Latin America

Top Universities in Latin America
Universities in Latin America

151 of the world’s top universities are in Latin America. The best of these Latin American schools is Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) in Argentina, ranking in 69th this year.

The top Latin American locations with the most schools featured this year are Brazil with 27 universities, followed by Argentina with 24, Mexico with 22 and Chile with 20.

Top Universities in Australia and New Zealand

Universities in Australia and New Zealand
Universities in Australia and New Zealand

Together, Australia and New Zealand claim 45 of the world’s best universities: 37 in Australia and eight in New Zealand.

Australia has an impressive seven schools in the global top 100, with its highest ranked school the Australian National University in joint 27th, up four places this year.

New Zealand only has one university in the global top 100: the University of Auckland, ranking in joint 85th.